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Planning Stage

We will plan the flight op, seek necessary permissions, and use existing imagery & charts to check the ground & air for hazards.

Flight Operation

If the 24 hour forecast is ok, a Qualified Drone Operator will arrive at the site, conduct a brief survey, and begin the Operation!

Image Processing

Images and video gathered will be processed to meet your chosen format requirements, and the meet the standards of the Data Protection Act.


We will email you a preview of your chosen products, and after approval & receipt of final payment, the product(s) will be dispatched to you

The latest UAV Technology

Our cutting edge photographic equipment allows us to capture incredible Ultra-HD images and stunning 4K video!

The Inspire aerial platform we use features a fully gimbaled and stabilised X5 camera system, allowing the camera independent movement whilst capturing incredibly stable footage.

We have also invested in advanced, high-capacity, smart lithium polymer batteries which allow us to keep capturing where other aerial platforms fall short.

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Features & Services.

Low Cost Aerial Imagery

We understand that our customers want a high quality product and good value.

Ultra HD, 4K Imagery

Professional level equipment is a core part of providing a high quality product to customers. DB Aerial Photography has invested in providing industry leading, cutting edge equipment to provide the highest possible quality product to its customers.

Live Feed

During the Flight Operation there is a live HD feed available that enables the client to see exactly what the Operator sees! This not only assists the Operator in lining up the perfect shot, but also enables the customer to provide on the spot feedback. This valuable feature helps us provide a truly incredible and tailored service.

CAA Licensed UAV Operator

To protect clients, the public, and the industry, it is a legal requirement for a Licensed Operator to perform all paid aerial work. [new line] It is important because of the knowledge, experience, and peace of mind that a professional brings.

Fully Insured

It is important to use professionals, but all the training and experience in the world doesn’t guarantee against accidents! DB Aerial Photography has a spotless safety record, but in the extremely rare event that there is an accident, you can rest assured that we have a fully comprehensive insurance package to protect all people and property involved.

Quick & Easy Deployment

Modern developments in miniaturisation, electric motors, and battery technology allow us to transport a versatile aerial platform capable of delivering a professional product rapidly. We can set up in traditionally difficult locations with ease; replacing yesterday’s jibs, cranes, cherry pickers, and scaffolding.

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