What to expect

If you’d like to know a little more about the end-to-end process from enquiry to delivered product, check out our handy chart to the right.

Knowing how far along you are in your project you can see which steps are left, and roughly how long each step takes in relation to each other.

The Process



Quote & Deposit


Planning Stage


Flight Operation


Post Processing


Product Preview & Select Extras (e.g. prints, frames)


Final Approval & Payment


Product Delivered


The latest UAV Technology

Our cutting edge photographic equipment allows us to capture incredible Ultra-HD images and stunning 4K video!

The Inspire aerial platform we use features a fully gimbaled and stabilised X5 camera system, allowing the camera independent movement whilst capturing incredibly stable footage.

We have also invested in advanced, high-capacity, smart lithium polymer batteries which allow us to keep capturing where other aerial platforms fall short.

Safety is our top priority.

The key goal of the planning phase is feasibility, from a Safety and Logistics point of view.

At every stage of the process, on paper and on site, we ask ourselves constantly: “Is it safe?” As long as a job can safely be carried out, and does not breach national or local laws, it may proceed.

Our UAV Operators are responsible for the equipment they operate, and its safe use. Because of this responsibility, the Operator has the final say on whether an operation can go ahead, and has the authority to stop an operation at any point.

Changing weather conditions, public presence, and wildlife are the most common. But with proper planning stoppages are unusual.