Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem completing the Online Enquiry Form, can I contact you another way?

Please contact us by email at Please be sure to include your name, contact details, and preferred contact time. We’ll be happy to call you back at no cost to you.

What if the weather isn’t ok on the day of the Flight Operation?

We will monitor the weather forecast for suitable conditions. You will be notified by email or telephone of a postponed operation between 1 week and 24 hours in advance.

How does wind affect a UAV?

Wind speeds in excess of 20 knots make controlling the UAV increasingly difficult. This affects risk directly, so a limit of 20 knots is put in place to ensure safety.

Can your UAVs fly in the rain?

No this is not possible, as the exposure of electric motors and batteries to the rain increases risk to unacceptable levels. Light quality is also very poor, so we wouldn’t be able to capture high quality imagery.o.

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What is the maximum speed of the UAVs?

Approximately 50 knots air speed. This is not the same as speed over ground, as headwinds can affect air speed considerably.

How long to the batteries last for?

Individually between 15-18mins. But we bring several fully charged spares.

Is it safe to fly over people or crowds?

Safety is our top priority, and the current CAA regulations prevent direct overhead operations. However we can operate around crowds in pre-determined corridors.

Can you fly inside?

Provided the operation can safely be performed, yes. The UAVs we operate can be flown with or without GPS guidance.

Is flying a UAV safe?

Yes, with the proper planning, pre-flight checks, and rigorous maintenance schedule.

Do you hire out a UAV by itself?

Unfortunately no, we have to supply and operate a UAV using one of our qualified operators.

What is the range of a UAV?

Technically a 2km line of sight radius around the operator, but UK aviation law currently restricts operations of this type to a 500m radius, and ceiling of 122m/400ft.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

In certain congested environments a leaflet drop may be necessary, but we will ask your permission and explain the cost before we start this.

Why is there a deposit?

The deposit covers the flight plan, clearances, permissions, and other checks which need to be carried out prior to the Flight Operation taking place.

Can I use any of my own equipment? (e.g. camera)

No, our UAVs are balanced precisely and undergo thorough flight performance testing before deployment. The addition of a different payload would not only invalidate our insurance, but also cause the aircraft to perform irregularly, presenting an unacceptable risk.

What events do you cover?

We will cover any event and provide unique quotes to all customers. We evaluate the risk of each operation on an individual basis, and if it can be conducted safely, it may be approved to go ahead.

How do you know the shot is right?

We have a live HD link to the camera, enabling us not only to line up the shot, but also for the customer to make on the fly decisions about any additional shots they might want.

Can you control the camera from the ground?

Yes. The camera system is fully gimballed, which not only means its stabilised in flight, but also allows precise yaw, roll, and pitch controls independant of the UAVs movement.